Walsh School of Foreign Service

Archive – Spring 2024

GBUS course have two 4000-level sections for SFS upperclassmen undergraduate students and two 5000-level sections for SFS graduate students. All four sections will meet at the same time.

The GBUS course sections key is as follows:

4000-level 01 – BSFS open section
4000-level 02 – GBF, IBD undergraduate students
5000-level 03 – GSFS open section
5000-level 04 – IBD graduate students 

Please note: the only IBD course that sophomores can take is GBUS 4400/5400.


Spring 2024

Foundational Courses (f/k/a Gateway Courses)

GBUS 4402/5402 MNC & Global Value Chains
GBUS 4410/5410 International Trade Policy & Law
GBUS 4477/5477 Public Interest & the Common Good

Accounting and Finance Requirement

GBUS 4400/5400 Business, Accounting & Finance

Data Sciences Requirement

GBUS 4401/5401 Foundations in Data Science

All IBD Course Offerings

GBUS 4400/5400 Business, Accounting & Finance
GBUS 4401/5401 Foundations in Data Science
GBUS 4402/5402 MNC & Global Value Chains
GBUS 4403/5403 Investment Mgmt Career Prep
GBUS 4406/5406 Mody Seminar: Illicit Finance — NEW for spring 2024
GBUS 4410/5410 International Trade Policy & Law
GBUS 4414/5414 Geopolitical Risks in International Business
GBUS 4431/5431 Modern Global Economy: Forward Look at Business and Policy
GBUS 4444/5444 ESG Investment
GBUS 4445/5445 Global Investment Foundations
GBUS 4450/5450 Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances
GBUS 4461/5461 Political Economy of Cities: Latin America & Asia
GBUS 4970/5970 CLab: WTO Dispute Settlement
GBUS 4477/5477 Public Interest & the Common Good
GBUS 4481/5481 Business- Eurasia/Turkey/China
GBUS 4972/5972 CLab: Startup Studio

Courses Accepted for IBD Elective Credit


Arab Studies

ARST 6564 Political Economy: Middle East

Asian Studies
ASST 5031 Sovereign Risk & Asia

AFSP 3392 Economics of Africa
ANZP 3390 Australian-American Alliance
ECON 4441: Inequality and Growth
GEST 4001 The European Economy
STIA 4375 Markets, Security, and Transform Analytics
STIA 4450 / AFSP 4450 Reimagining Tech in Africa


CCTP 6040 Competition Policy in Tech
CCTP 6041 AI Ethics, Law, & Policy


LASP 5703 Trade: Americas
LASP 6680 Natural Resources and Development in Latin America
LASP 7504 Political Economy of Latin America

GHDP 6014 Agri-Food Systems and Economic Development
GHDP 6020 Clean Energy Investment
GHDP 6038 Applied Public Finance

MSFS 5200 Corporate Finance
MSFS 5400: DevPolicy: Market/Gov Failures
MSFS 6100 Economic Development Theory, Evidence, & Policy
MSFS 6110 Investing in Emerging Markets
MSFS 6120 Trade Law & Policy Practicum
MSFS 6150 International Project Finance
MSFS 6210 Sustainability & Business
MSFS 6220 Financing Social Impact
MSFS 6420 Financial Inclusion
MSFS 6450 Policies for Financial Development
MSFS 6530 Cybersecurity: Business, Government, Int Commerce
MSFS 7100: Illicit Finance
MSFS 7110 Economic Growth and Crisis
MSFS 7140: Macroeconomics for Development
MSFS 7325 National Security & Foreign Investment

PPOL 6008 Multilateral Development Banks
PPOL 6201 Public-Private Partnerships


SEST 6594 Energy & Security

SEST 6731 Int Econ & National Security

BADM 6012 National Security & Global Economy
BADM 6028 Developing New Business Models
BADM 6052 Commercial Approach to Public Sector
FINC 6531 Valuation

MGMT 6535 Negotiations
MGMT 6577 Social Entrepreneurship
STRT 6531 Antitrust & Business Strategy
STRT 6542 Technology Strategy
STRT 6545 Economics of Strategic Behavior