Global Business Fellows Program

The Global Business Fellows Program is part of an innovative partnership with the McDonough School of Business, which also includes the Global Business Major. The Global Business Fellows Program offers a combined cohort experience for select students from the SFS and MSB. 

An important strength of the Global Business Fellows Program is that the common core will give SFS students access to MSB courses, and vice versa. The global business curriculum also allows students flexibility to choose from a set of high-level business and international affairs courses beyond the core. Students will work with a dedicated academic advisor to allow them to tailor course selection to their individual strengths and interests.

Students from the SFS and the MSB will be eligible to apply during their sophomore year and will be admitted as a cohort, which will progress through the program together. The Fellows program will have three distinctive and inter-related elements: (1) Interdisciplinary Curriculum, (2) the Global Business Experience, and (3) Public Policy Programming:

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Fellows will take a common set of core courses in business, economics and international affairs that will provide both breadth and depth of knowledge across multiple disciplines. For both SFS and MSB students, the curriculum will augment, not replace, the courses in their major field of study. Each Global Business Fellow must also demonstrate language proficiency through the advanced level.

Class 1Class 2Class 3

Global Business Experience

The McDonough School of Business is already at the forefront of global experiential learning in all of the graduate MBA programs. As part of an innovative growth strategy, the MSB has launched a similar global experience at the undergraduate level. The Global Business Fellows Program will secure seats in this innovative program for the Fellows. During their senior year, Fellows will be required to participate in a semester-long Global Business Experience course that offers the opportunity to conduct a substantive consulting project for senior members of an international business or organization (private, public or non-profit) under faculty supervision. The course will culminate in a major project that includes travel to the client country for one week to present their findings to senior management.

Barcelona 1Barcelona 2Barcelona 3

Global Business Experience in Barcelona, Spain

Public Policy Programming

Washington, D.C. is one of the world’s great international cities and a wealth of learning opportunities in business and international affairs lie at Georgetown’s doorstep. The School of Foreign Service and the McDonough School of Business regularly host renowned global leaders with the goals of promoting innovative research in international affairs and business and providing context for current events. In addition to special invitations to select events, each semester, fellows will participate in a custom program to interact with the policy community through visits to embassies and organizations such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the US Department of State, the Federal Reserve, and the US Trade Representative. This programming will be coordinated by the Landegger Program in International Business Diplomacy and will be responsive to current challenges and policy debates.

 Italian Embassy 2Italian Embassy 3Italian Embassy 1

Visit to the Embassy of Italy

Learning Goals

Our learning objective is to educate leaders who can conceptualize and solve global economic challenges by having 1) global insights and perspectives; 2) a fundamental knowledge of core business disciplines; and 3) an appreciation for international policy and the complexities of global economies.

Learning Outcomes

When students graduate from the Global Business Fellows Program, they should have:

  • A global experience that involves completing a substantive consulting project for a for-profit or non-profit international organization.
  • Advanced knowledge of a foreign language and/or certified proficiency in a modern foreign language.
  • A fundamental understanding of key economic principles and theories.
  • Knowledge of public policy and political issues related to international business.
  • A basic command of accounting, financial and marketing principles and skills.


Sophomore students will be admitted as a cohort in January of their second year. This will enable students to work with the academic advisors in their respective schools to enroll in the appropriate courses for their sophomore spring. If Fellows wish to enroll in additional MSB/SFS courses, they will be registered as space allows prior to other non-MSB/non-SFS students.  Applications will be managed by the BSFS program.

Graduation Notation

Upon completion of the program, each Fellow will receive a notation on their transcript that they have completed the Global Business Fellows Program.

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