MOOC:Globalization's Winners and Losers

Globalization's Winners and Losers: Challenges for Developed and Developing Countries



This course will examine how the spread of trade, investment, and technology across borders affects firms, workers, and communities in developed and developing countries. It investigates who gains from globalization and who is hurt or disadvantaged by globalization. The course will explore difficult questions such as:

Course Themes


  • How can developing countries avoid the "resource curse"?

  • What are some possible methods to deal with possible "sweatshop" abuses?

  • How can emerging market economies take advantage of supply chains from local firms into developed country markets?

  • How might globalization contribute to wage inequality in developed countries?

  • Should developed countries protect or promote manufacturing jobs?

  • Is China becoming an economic "superpower"?

  • Is the United States in economic decline


The course concludes by allowing the participant to decide how to resolve the US budget deficit, and reform Social Security, so as to keep the United States competitive in the world economy.

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