Career Development

The Landegger Program enjoys a strong reputation for quality in instruction and for ongoing service to its student and alumni population. In addition to a rigorous academic honors program, the Landegger Program offers students and alumni ongoing career development services and counseling.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Resume reviews are available to all current candidates upon request. Candidates should prepare and submit a copy of their current resume. Please schedule an appointment with the Program Counselor for a resume review.

Career Counseling

Every IBD Candidate is eligible to receive career planning support from the program counselor and from program faculty. The Landegger Program offers several types of supplemental assistance for a candidate's post-graduation job search.

Services include formal career plan development and opportunities for interview preparation and practice. Students are highly encouraged to develop and nurture robust personal and career networks and to polish their personal presentation style and message. Career seminars, skills development sessions, professional panels as well as in-class speakers are offered during the academic year. These opportunities offer candidates direct access to professionals in small informal group settings that allow for an exchange of information and insights into careers.

All students are advised to utilize career resources available in their degree programs as well as access general University resources. Primary responsibility remains with the individual student, to plan, organize and execute an effective job search campaign.

Internship & Mentorship Opportunities

Private and public sector organizations and IBD Program alumni familiar with training received in the Landegger Program periodically call the IBD Office to request references for available program students for upcoming internships.

Internship position descriptions are regularly circulated to IBD Candidates for preferential access to opportunities and are often matched against candidate "internship interest" in order to refer all qualified candidates to the potential employer. If available IBD candidates do not meet job requirements, the Program may circulate the position description more widely in an attempt to identify other qualified Georgetown students.

This internship service is provided in response to outside requests and is meant to supplement, not to replace, other internship assistance offered by a student's degree program or the various on campus career centers.

Although no formal post-graduation placement services are offered by the program, an informal "opportunities exchange" network has developed as the number of program alumni has increased. Many alumni now contact the IBD office if they are leaving their current employment and need a replacement, or if other opportunities exist within their organization. The program facilitates this "opportunities exchange" function to match qualified current or former IBD students with open positions.

The Landegger Program sponsors various opportunities for IBD candidates designed to facilitate contact with IBD alumni living and working in the Washington area. Many alumni have returned to the program as speakers, panelists and student advisors. These contacts allow students to seek advice about their course of study, area of interest, and opportunities in the professional world from IBD alumni with relevant experience. Many students take advantage of these initial contacts to develop a mentor relationship with appropriate individuals, permitting more in-depth conversations that may continue throughout the candidate's program of study.