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Honors Certificate

The spring 2024 application is now live: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeiyRtAYiEg-OeQHOWDGoem-AC-Pf0S9QfIIvoevfQhYcFtuQ/viewform. It will close at 11:59 PM on Sunday, March 17, 2024.

The Landegger Program in International Business Diplomacy is the honors certificate program at the SFS that offers students the opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary course of study that complements their academic interests and degree. We deliver to a select number of honors students a rigorous academic program that emphasizes the role of business in the international arena.

Honors students who choose to participate in the program link their studies in international affairs with a foundation in finance, accounting, data science and business-government relations. The program also integrates coursework in global business strategy, business ethics, global investment, ESG investment, project finance, political risk analysis and entrepreneurship. Landegger Program classes combine an intensive case method approach to global corporate operations with an analysis of key economic and political issues in international trade, finance, and investment.

Within the Walsh School of Foreign Service, this multidisciplinary program offers a bridge between the undergraduate majors. At the graduate level, Landegger offers a bridge between degree programs and concentrations and graduate schools (MSFS, GSFS Regional Studies Programs, CCTP, and the Law School).


  1. Fulfillment of the Honors Certificate Program requires a minimum of six qualifying courses (18 credits), with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 including:
  1. All students must also pass a proficiency examination in at least one foreign language.

BSFS Candidates: Double counting between majors and the IBD certificate is limited to no more than two classes per major. All majors will allow double counting of two classes.

CCT candidates: In order to fulfill the honors certificate requirement, CCT candidates must complete:


The International Business Diplomacy Program is an academic honors program of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. Students who want to be considered for full admission as honors candidates in the IBD Program should be enrolled in a full-time degree program within the School of Foreign Service. Joint-degree students are eligible so long as part of their degree is conferred by the School of Foreign Service or an approved GSAS or Law School program (listed above). Qualifying students enter the program through an application process offered each semester. Undergraduate students are welcome to apply to the program as early as the spring semester of their sophomore year and as late as their penultimate semester (typically the fall semester of their senior year). Graduate students are welcome to apply to the program during any semester before their final semester. The application opens once in the fall (typically September 15-October 15) and once in the spring (typically February 15-March 15). As of Fall 2022, students cannot enter the program through an A or A- in their foundational (f/k/a gateway) course and must apply in order to be considered for the program.


Students accepted into the  Honors Certificate Program as Candidates will be required to submit documentation which includes a Candidate Record Form, a current updated resume, and a current digital photograph.

Candidates should ensure that their Candidate Record Form and other required documentation (resume and photo) is on file with the Landegger Program Office and that contact information and course information is up to date.

Prior to graduation, all graduating candidates will be asked to participate in an Employment Survey and an Exit Interview Survey. Graduating candidates will be given the opportunity to sign up for exit interviews beginning in April of their graduating year.


Learning Goals for the Honors Certificate include:


Students accepted into the IBD Program may petition the Landegger Program for approval of courses not listed for IBD certificate credit. Students will be allowed only one of their curricular choices to be a petitioned course. Students may petition courses either before or after they actually take the course. Petition courses must be 300-level or above. Undergraduate students participating in a study abroad program may petition to have a course or combination of courses taken abroad count for one of the six IBD course package requirements. Approval for study abroad courses is granted only after the students’ return and submission of sufficient course-related material to permit an assessment of “honors” performance in the classes.

Student petitions should include: