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Feature: 2 GBUS C-Labs in Spring 2023

About SFS C-Labs

Centennial Labs are SFS classes built around an issue, idea, problem, or challenge in a real community. They are both cross-curricular and experiential at the core. Students work with one or more professors across disciplines to learn the theory critical to understanding the situation. They develop practical approaches or solutions within the “lab”; and share it with the community beyond the classroom.

The Centennial Labs began as a pilot program in 2017 and has continued to expand its class offerings every year since. Future classes will be announced, with preferential enrollment given to students who have yet to participate in the program.

Spring 2023

GBUS 463: WTO Dispute Settlement
Professor Marc Busch

The multilateral trading system is widely argued to be more “rules-based” than ever before. Dispute settlement under the World Trade Organization (WTO), in particular, is increasingly being called upon to adjudicate rights and obligations in international commerce. These decisions bear directly on business opportunities, both nationally and internationally. Indeed, not only do these decisions influence specific industries and trade-related measures, but the breadth and depth of “globalization” more generally. This course is about WTO dispute settlement and TradeLab is conducted under the auspices of TRADELAB, a Geneva-based NGO.

GBUS 490/491: Start-up Studio
Professor Dale Murphy

This SFS course helps train and enable top students to create ambitious, entrepreneurial solutions to global challenges. Students will work individually or in self-selected teams to identify societal needs and innovative, financially-sustainable solutions that fit their long-term passions and life/career goals. Working in collaboration with Citi Ventures and its network, students will liaise with individuals in and outside the university, including other entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, mentors, alumni, policy think-tanks, potential funders, incubators/studios, regulators, and existing institutions (corporate, government, academic, and/or NGO) to move their proposals toward feasible proposals worthy of implementation and investment. Students are pushed to quickly field-test their ideas and pivot as needed, to embrace fast, productive failures that accelerate learning and optimize resource allocation.

spring 2023