Walsh School of Foreign Service

GBUS courses dual-numbering system in effect for fall 2023 onwards

GBUS courses will be moving to a dual-numbering system starting this fall! Georgetown courses are broadly moving to a 4-numbered course system. GBUS courses going forward will have 2 4000-level sections for undergraduate students and 2 5000-level sections for graduate students. Fall registration will start in April 2023.

Starting in fall 2023, the GBUS course sections key will be as follows:

4000-level 01 – BSFS Open Section

4000-level 02 – GBF, IBD Undergraduate Students

5000-level 03 – GSFS Open Section

5000-level 04 – IBD Graduate Students

Please e-mail IBD’s Assistant Director, Alexandra Moran, at agm35@georgetown.edu with any questions about this initiative.

fall 2023