Walsh School of Foreign Service

GIPC 2022 Finalists

1st Place: Rhodia Eid (BSFS’22) with Well-Eating, a unique AI algorithm that helps patients adopt a healthy and pleasant diet adapted to their health condition.

2nd Place: Tom Atherton (SSE/ SFS ’22) and Anna Serner with EMEK, democratizing access to finance in Africa, with efficient private capital and digital solutions.

3rd Place: Shaunie Johnson (COL ’22) with CelluSip, a biodegradable, compostable straw made up of a cellulose polymer that is found in pill capsules.

4th Place: Elliot Mack (BSFS ’22) and Younes Alakhir with DAIGON, which seeks to become the gold standard structure for amateur e-sports, providing a pro-like toxicity-free gaming experience.

5th Place (tied): Emily Chu (BSFS ’22) with Flock, a restaurant- focused platform helps you make friends or get in a relationship with a meeting point already decided.

5th Place (tied): Bakhita Fung (BSFS ’23) with PEEP, a platform for families to connect effortlessly.

7th Place: Nehemia Abel (GHD ’23) with Ubumwe, which seeks to unify and empower refugees as they pursue higher education and stable careers.